Making the impossible


Every new Feadship is an innovation in itself, as we constantly strive to redefine the perception of perfection and make every Feadship better than the last in terms of construction and technology. Incorporating space-age technologies and materials, hyper-modern design tools, and the very latest insights into construction and systems, Feadships are the product of an evolutionary R&D and overall quality enhancement philosophy that results in yachts which cannot be imitated by anyone else.

The art of glass

The launch of the 46.22-metre Feadship Como again drew attention to Feadship’s pioneering use of glass in 2014. The client requested unprecedentedly large windows in the hull and a wealth of glass in her superstructure.

Feadship como uniquity page

Future Concepts

Each year Feadship designs a Future Concept that speculates on the likely requirements of the next generation of superyacht owners. These projects have set the stage for many new innovations in practice as theypush the boundaries of the possible.


Aeon blends an eco-friendly attitude with Feadship design flair and construction excellence. Its spectacular glass tower and green energy system reflects a desire to be at one with the environment. Observation is a key tenant of the Aeon concept.

2009-aeon-drawing  1920-2
2010-breathe  1920


Breathe practices the principals of biomimicry to reduce energy consumption via natural ventilation, a hull shape and paint that are more slippery, whale fin stabilizers that generate lift, solar cells and the application of light tubes. A revolutionary propulsion package reduces fuel consumption by up to 40% at all speeds.


The Future Concept Feadship Qi reflects a fresh sense of energy among owners and their family & friends as they reconnect with nature in the most inspiring surroundings. Phenomenal views of the changing environment outside are synthesised with a safe and secure feeling within.

Qi  1920


Relativity’s technical specifications would have been of great importance for our client, both from a professional interest and from pure practical need. As a means of travel, Relativity has to facilitate Atlantic crossings, journeys to Asia, and regular shorter trips in and around Europe.


Feadship Royale has been designed with the next generation of superyacht owners in mind. To mark the year of the King’s coronation, Feadship Royale speculates on how King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima – and the country which they serve – might use a Feadship.

Royale concept sketch


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