Principals of biomimicry


Breathe practices the principals of biomimicry to reduce energy consumption via natural ventilation, a hull shape and paint that are more slippery, whale fin stabilizers that generate lift, solar cells and the application of light tubes. The concept shows how sustainable development can reduce a yacht’s operating costs. A revolutionary propulsion package reduces fuel consumption by up to 40% at all speeds while being remarkably simple and deploying a minimum of components. The hull has a wedge-like shape with the centre of buoyancy far aft.

Economically sustainable

The previous ‘Future Feadship’ Aeon proved that a motoryacht with a minimal effect on the environment is possible. Breathe goes a step further by showing how sustainable development can also reduce costs. With its intelligent propulsion concept with minimal components and reduced energy consumption for both propulsion and hotel loads, Breathe demonstrates that eco-consciousness and economic benefits can easily go hand in hand.


Design process

The early sketches of Breathe were based on the simple and repetitive shapes found in nature. Her designers specifically sought out a look that radiates unity and peace while dispensing with any unnecessary elements. The glass shells on Breathe serve as an animal skin to protect the yacht and her guests against the weather. They regulate temperature, absorb sunlight, and offer the transparency and ventilation required to stay in contact with the surroundings.

Breathe easy

The name Breathe refers to the natural ventilation on board. As our reference point we took the black and white stripes of a zebra. These stripes create variations in air temperature just above the surface of the skin, which in turn creates an air current and natural cooling system that surrounds zebras as they swelter on the savannah. On Breathe the light hull and dark shells and funnels create a natural flow of air on the outside decks. This generates a comfortable al fresco climate and reduces the use of air conditioning. Just like animals use their fur as insulation, Breathe uses the air between the shells as an insulation layer between the warm surrounding air and cool climate inside. And just like in nature, many functions are combined. The shells have an additional role as solar cells to capture and use the energy of the sun. They also act as protection against the sun, rain and wind.


The propulsion system on Breathe is characterized by simplicity and a minimum of components. In contrast to conventional yachts with two main engines and propeller shaft installations, Breathe requires only one of each. And while yachts usually have three generators as standard, Breathe only requires two. At the same time the concept guarantees a higher level of reliability and a better engine load.


Hull shape

Hull efficiency has also been taken fully into account as design and technology meet. A slender bow is the best way to portray an efficient hull visually and the design also works technically by reducing the entrance angle. Breathe has a remarkable wedge-like hull shape, which resembles an arrow when seen from above. The hull has a Wave Damping Aft body that creates negligible stern waves, is better for the environment and generates less resistance. Breathe’s resistance is 30 percent lower at an average cruising speed of 14 knots thanks to her optimized aft hull shape, lower wetted surface and fewer appendages.


The Future Concept Feadship Qi (pronounced chee) reflects a fresh sense of energy among owners and their family & friends as they reconnect with nature in the most inspiring surroundings.